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The Court House Carb-Fix

14 Jun

Like most people with 2 eyes and a heart beat, Monday’s are my most dreaded day of the week. It is the one day for the past few months that I am generally bored, hungover, and left to my own groggy devices (as I have to work by myself). So when I have all day to think about where Z and I are going to drown my sorrows of the boring day, by 6 oclock, I’m literally dying from anticipation for… this week… PIZZA!

As I ploughed across town to Carlton, I’d almost reached my wine/pizza filled Utopia, only to receive a call from my delightful DDO partner. “Hey, JP and I are going to join you for dinner… so we’re going to have to change your dinner plans!” You see, normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. I love N. And JP. But given his recent ‘must eat grapefruit before each meal/No-Carb/only consume meat and salad diet’, our original plan for wine and pizza at D.O.C ,which I was so highly anticipating was canned!

I begrudgingly continue driving (I use the term driving rather loosely… it’s a good thing Monday’s a generally quiet on the roads) to our new meeting place, The Court House in North Melbourne. I arrive to a chipper JP, Z and N and pretty much sulk until my wine is poured. (YEP! I made the first 20 minutes of our dinner EXCRUCIATINGLY painful as I sat in a fit of Pizza Deprived Rage). Then we ordered, (Z; bless her cotton socks made sure she ordered me some french fries to semi cure my carb craving) I got a little boozey (off 2 sniff’s of wine…) and I totally forgot why I was being a sulky little shit!!

We’d found ourselves a nice table in the deserted back room of the bar, which suited us nicely. Although please excuse my super poor quality photos…my iPhone camera is an absolute FART and has no flash… but hopefully you get the idea…

To start we ordered the Charcuterie Platter, which came with a nice selection of meats, a terrine of the day, some cornicons and pickled greens all served with bread. As a general rule, Wagyu ANYTHING is A-OK with me!! This Wagyu Bresola did not disappoint. All the cured meats were of a good sliced thinness, and were sufficiently salty and flavoursome.

Kitchen charcuterie selection; Fratelli Galloni Prosciutto di Parma, Moondarra wagyu bresaola, Seven Hermanos gran reserva jamon, Duck Terrin and Cornicons $26

The only disappointment for me was the Terrine, which today was a duck and pork terrine. Hearing these 2 animals in the same sentence (better yet served on the same plate) alludes to instant satisfaction. This unfortunately was a little on the dry side…

Shoe string Fries and Aoli $8

Thankfully there were plenty of other meats to go round and before we knew it, we were onto our second bottle of wine just in time for our mains to arrive. First to arrive were the shoe string fries. It was a tough decision choosing between the fries or the potatoes roasted in duck fat. But I think, given my previous display of childish behaviour, keeping it simple with the shoestring fries was an appropriate choice! (Well played Z! But don’t think I didn’t get what you were hinting at…)

Our meals followed shortly afterwards, but this generous bowl of fries was pretty damn tasty! Really crispy, salty and the aoli was nice and creamy too. Such a moorishly great taste bud starter for the main event!

As mentioned earlier, JP can really only eat meat at the moment… well… he ALWAYS generally eats the meat/steak option anyways so I guess it’s not too much of a change. Both he and Z opted for the Porterhouse Steak which comes served with mash, rocket and red wine sauce. They both arrived on a big bed of mash potato’s (as did each our dishes) and the waiter followed quickly after with the selection of mustards.

Porterhouse Steak mash, rocket & red wine sauce $24

JP is very good with his sharing, so we all did the sharesy’s. From the chunk that I tasted, this was a well made piece of meat. Seared on the outer, and still juicy and tender on the inside. It doesn’t really look it in this (really bad) picture, but the size is rather decent… Z seemed to struggle towards the end of hers, so its really no surprise she left complaining about her food baby, considering that meat sized hunk of mash.

Pork & fennel sausages, mash, onion gravy $19

Noel’s fancy Bangers & Mash looked a little lack lustre, but was surprisingly really flavoursome. Much like a cover of a book, you can’t always judge a dish by its appearance. Although tasting a bite of sausage was pretty much enough. It was tasty… but i was pretty much bored after that taste. Lucky for me I didn’t order that…

Beef Burgandy Pie, with mash and red wine sauce $19

Although I can’t say my choice was ALL that much better!! Taste wise it was fine!! Beef Burgandy… what’s not to like!?! It must have been all that anticipation for pizza/anxiety over changed dinner plan/sulking, that made me make such a weird choice in meal! Why the HELL did I order a $19 pie!… that is served with Mash… I don’t eat mash!! Anyway, regardless of my absolute brain fart, I guess the pie was meaty and hearty. I probably wouldn’t order it again though (here or at another establishment)… EVER!!

Thankfully, although I didn’t get to fill my Pizza Craving, I DID get to spend an evening with my 3 favourite people, with some great wine, good banter and what seemed like an abundance of Mash!! Not what I’d anticipated for my Monday night wind down, but highly enjoyable and sorrows were drowned non the less.


The Court House

86-90 Errol Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
(03) 9329 5394