Chef Lagenda. No wait Laksa!

24 Mar

It’s starting to get cold out!  Which means I switch back to wines instead of cider, wear thicker socks and eat warm porridge instead of cold weetbix in the morning.   It’s inevitable that on first onset of a slight breeze, my brain goes into craving overdrive and YES! It’s for all those hearty, carby, creamy culinary delights that warm the soul and melt away the cold (until of course spring comes around again and your body curses you for giving in to a whole winter of such cravings!)

Lucky for me, it’s only the beginning of Autumn, so I have a whole 6 months of cravings to fulfill.  First one being LAKSA! Now, much like everyone else, I’d been an avid consumer of the Laksa King (pre and post its venue upgrade) and yes it was (still is) THE BEST (in Melbourne).  Always fast (once you were eventually seated), delicious, and cheap.  But given the queuing situation (and the onset of the skinny jeans brigade), it does at times test my patience.  And so, for this particular Laksa night, I decided to throw my craving to the wind, and try Chef Lagenda (on the recommendation of a friend who lives locally).

Chef Lagenda is right next door to Laksa King, taking up a much smaller window space.  As we walked in (Z and I) it was almost instant satisfaction!  No Line!  Already winning. We are seated, tea-ed, and have our orders taken within 3 minutes of sitting down (it’s pretty much the same menu as Laksa King – probably due to the fact that Chef Legenda’s chef is from the original Laksa King).

Lobak (Crispy mince pork roll) $5.80

It comes as no surprise, I’m pretty hungry and that smell of fragrant coconut spices and wok cooking is making my stomach want to eat itself!  So we get the Lobak to start.  Normally I love the chicken roti roll, but I thought we should try something different.  The Bean Curd skin casing was freshly fried and deliciously crisp, while the mince inside had a nice firm consistency (its not the most appetizing looking entree, but it was delicious!!)

And finally the reason we are here!! Z got the seafood curry laksa which was full of fresh seafood.  Whole fillets of fish, prawns, calamari and scallops and of course, the eggplant and tofu cubes.

Seafood Curry Laksa $11.90

I always go with the classic Curry Laksa which comes with chicken, shrimp and fish cake as well as the eggplant and tofu cubes.  The mere arrival of our heavy, fragrant bowls of laksa goodness made me pretty Happy in Pants!

Curry Laksa $9.20

The soup was perfectly balanced – hot and spicy, but still creamy enough without being too rich.  Mixed noodles cooked al-dente (nothing worse than over cooked, soggy noodles ) and of course that chunky slab of tender eggplant!  Devouring that bowl was easily the BEST 4 and a half minutes of my day (Yeh!  Girl was hungry)!   That ‘no wait’, ‘but still taste so good’ Laksa I never thought possible has officially been found at Chef Lagenda.

So yes.  Craving satisified! (…for now…  just wait until you see the page long offering of Bubble Cup…. But I’ll save that for the next craving update!)

Chef Lagenda  16 Pin Oak Cres. Flemington, 3031

03) 9376 2668


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