20 Mar

Its 2pm on Saturday afternoon!  It’s sunny.  And we are starving!!

After 2 consecutive unfortunate events happening in the space of 2 hours (yes.  One involved food… or lack there of.  The other being an appointment cancellation.) It seems the Higher Powers had decided,  “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was officially the soundtrack of my day!

So after a previous rather disappointing attempt at getting some brunch and having to walk out due to a 2 hour wait for poached eggs on toast -an hour and fifteen minutes waiting over time- , N and I were annoyed, hungry and NOT in the mood for further disappointment.  As we drove up Smith Street I tried to think of the closest brunch option with highest possible success rate (being judged on food quality, zero line tolerance, and absolutely ZERO incapable staff tolerance.)  Then came the epiphany!

Sonido is a quaint Columbian cafe on Gertrude Street which is all Filler no Killer.  Out of the 5 times I’ve visited, it’s been consistently pleasant, if not perfect everytime.  With it’s blue walled interior, adorned in South American paraphernalia and super charismatic (BONUS!!) yet efficient staff, I feel like my day could finally start looking up.

Supreme coffees at Sonido

Specialising in, as you’d expect, Columbian fare we are promptly presented with their menu which offers a range of Arepa’s -an arepa is a dish made of ground corn dough or precooked corn flour popular in both Colombia and Venezuela- Empanadas and a small selection of sweets.  They make an AMAZING Supreme coffee and also offer a range of icy fruit drinks – JUGOS NATURALE with a range of native fruits including Feijoa and Lulo – and Columbian Hot Chocolates (I’m still yet to try the one that comes with cheese… (?)… SO intrigued).

Shortly after our coffees are presented and our orders are placed, we enjoy our surrounds whilst we await our food.  N loves a good scramble, so went with the scrambled egg Arepa (which is normally only served until 2pm, but the friendly waitress made an allowance for us this time -we were 5 minutes late…) .

Arepa Con Huevo - Scrambled eggs with spring onion and tomato

The eggs were scrambled to perfection, still glistening and slightly wobbly from being not over cooked.  The little bits of tomato and onion also added that nice bit of texture through the silky smooth scramble.  Delicious!  It’s a good thing we’ve made a habit of ordering different dishes, so we can do taste testers…. because needless to say, I liked my meaty selection even better.

'Old clothes' beef; Cuban beef

My Beef Arepa came served with guacomole and salsa.  The “old clothes’ beef as they call it, is slow cooked and full of flavour.  The beef is soft but not slimy and is saucy enough without making it soggy and sludgy.  Accompanied with the tartness of the salsa and the creaminess of the gaucomole (and lashings of El Yucateco Salsa Picante Chile Habanero hot sauce … I like it spicey) every bite of this beef Arepa was satisfaction guaranteed!

So it seems my day is finally looking up.  The whole experience only took a little over 45 minutes  and the pep in my Saturday step was fully revived.  Thank you Sonido!! You’ve once again managed to change my tune for the better… looks like (Girl) CAN get Satisfaction, after all!!

Sonido 69 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy


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